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Ed, 21, NSW Australia. Hot rods, Kustoms, Muscle Cars, 4WD's and Women. Love chatting so feel free to invade the ask box
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Absolutely and classically gorgeous. 

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My favourite tail end of any 50’s Yank Tank. Just plain gorgeous :)

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hey bud, top effort on your blog. can i go against the grain and not have any complaints? i've been on it for a long time as we both have the same taste in cars and women. sorry to hear about your life's turns. you posted a pic while back of a close up of a grille with a v8 badge in the middle of it. u reckon i can find it again??? anyways be good and carry on :)
chromencurves chromencurves Said:

Thanks mate! That’s certainly nice to hear compared to the usual anonymous messages I get haha.

I can only think of one close up pic of a grille with a V8 badge on it that I’ve posted…I’ll throw it up in a sec, let me know if it’s the right/wrong one.

Thanks for stopping by mate :) 


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